Thanks to the work of Active Cheshire, 50 local businesses have pledged to move more, meaning 42,218 employees are getting more active in the workplace. With more businesses investing in their people, work environments improve the wellbeing of their staff, as well as encouraging healthier lifestyles within the workplace.

67 primary schools have pledged to get their children more active with the help from an Active Plan – created specifically for each of the schools’ individual activity goals. Over 17,130 children have been moving more in the education sector, improving their confidence and concentration.

Cheshire and Warrington’s Physical Activity Task Force is led by local wellbeing organization Active Cheshire. Following their Blueprint to tackle physical inactivity – they have created products and services called Active Kids and Active Workplace to help people move more in schools and businesses.

The real shock is the damage caused by the number of hours we spend sitting each day. Active Cheshire target the many residents in Cheshire and Warrington who have desk jobs, leading to sedentary lifestyles. With technology at the tip of your fingers, you can date, order food, buy clothes and watch TV without moving.

Active Cheshire recognize that physical inactivity levels in children around the globe have reached crisis levels and that children worldwide are not active enough to maintain healthy growth and development.

CEO of Active Cheshire, Anne Boyd, said “We want more people to feel the benefits of being physically active has to offer. A more confident, happier workforce and school is a great achievement. We want to help people realise that any physical activity, no matter how small, is a success.”

Active Cheshire works across with a diverse range of organisations ensuring a positive impact in all walks of life; ensuring people can get active at home, school, in the workplace and everywhere in between.

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