Activity Alliance has released resources that encourage us all to think about the ways you can include disabled people whilst getting active.

They have a team of Advisors to support local and national work and have five main areas of work:

Improving routes to market: They support the disability and sports sectors to increase their connections with disabled people, charities, local disability sports groups and third sector disability support agencies etc. By creating resources that identify key contact points, they provide the expertise to reach more disabled people.

Create and support networks: They organise and chair national briefing sessions as well as regional disability sport and physical activity forums.

Facilitate joint approaches: They develop national and regional engagement days for the sport and non-sport (disability) sector.

Providing strategic support: They work with the sport and non-sport (disability) sectors and offer resources, workshops and awareness of opportunities.

Self-assessment and improvement: They develop and deliver the LEAD (Leading Equitable and Accessible Delivery) self-assessment improvement toolkit. This is designed to help sports sector partners to become more effective in delivering sport with disabled people and organisations.




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