Active Cheshire is a social enterprise with a mission to increase physical inactivity across Cheshire and Warrington. PlayBoxes are designed to encourage play and movement for families and young people by utilizing community greenspaces.

With 1 in 3 children recorded as being overweight or obese in Cheshire and Warrington, children’s mental and physical wellbeing is a major priority. With a clear link between physical and mental health, embedding activity and play can help tackle these intensifying issues.

Active Cheshire believe every child should have access to active toys, and should they be available in every park, for all ages and abilities to enjoy with their friends and family. That is why Active Cheshire have partnered up with People’s Post Code Lottery and Lache community for a PlayBox project.

The idea behind these PlayBoxes, is to increase the use of local parks and open spaces for the community, by encouraging active play. Local residents have free access to the active toys (e.g footballs, catching sets and frisbees) once signing up online and receiving a code. When people are done playing, they then place the items back inside the PlayBoxes which will be securely locked; ready for the next person to use and enjoy.

This was successfully launched earlier this year in Winsford and Northwich, a quote from a user said “This is such an amazing idea! Was lovely to able to use the toys on offer. My toddlers loved playing with the football’s after forgetting our own.”

Another said “It’s a fab idea and added to the length of stay in the park.”

Many people from the community have made donations and replaced those toys which have been taken without permission or have not be returned.

CEO of Active Cheshire, Anne Boyd said “A huge thank you to our partners getting the community to come together like this, especially People’s Post Code Lottery. We want play to be part of everyday life, active people can be happier and healthier.

Most of what Active Cheshire does is to do with change. By encouraging behavioural change, changing attitudes, mindsets, and habits. The Charity are constantly learning to adapt to the needs and challenges in an increasingly inactive society.

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