Active Cheshire, the lead body for physical activity and sport in Cheshire and Warrington, has received a generous £22,000 from New Balance to help over 20 primary schools in Warrington to get children more active, more often.

Active Cheshire created Active Kids Pledge Plus service to help tackle the shocking obesity levels we face globally today. Across Cheshire & Warrington, 1 in 4 children starting school are already overweight or obese.  Play and activity has reached a whole new level of importance.

New Balance promote ‘we were born to move’ and wants to make a difference locally, they partnered with Active Cheshire to invest £22,000 to help more than 20 Warrington primary schools receive the Active Kids Pledge Plus.


So far, 67 schools across Cheshire and Warrington have taken the Active Kids Pledge, each added onto Active Cheshire’s role of honor. Each of these schools have received a personalized plan from a physical activity advisor, free of charge, focused around each of the schools’ individual activity goals.

Anne Boyd, CEO of Active Cheshire “Young people aren’t playing outside like they used to. Thanks to New Balance’s investment we can help hundreds of children in Warrington get active in schools. With teachers receiving help hands on from our physical activity advisors, we’ll be able to see great change with pupils learning and energy levels from being physically active. We want to make physical activity accessible to all by changing the way people think, by providing opportunities and helping people realise that any physical activity, not matter how minor, is a victory.”

Most of what Active Cheshire does is to do with change. By encouraging behavioural change, changing attitudes, mindsets, and habits. The Charity are constantly learning to adapt to the meet the needs and challenges of an increasingly inactive society.

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