Welcome to the PlayBox! The PlayBoxes are full of toys and equipment that allow the users of the parks to have fun for free! All people have to do is enter their details online to receive a code and enjoy the endless amounts of fun that using the equipment will bring.


Locations of the PlayBoxes

  • Wharton Recreation Ground

  • Winsford Town Park

  • Northwich Verdin Park

  • Lache Community Centre

  • Whitby Park Ellesmere Port (coming soon)

When you find the PlayBox look out for this poster (right) to access the code, or alternatively you can click the links below and access the codes:


Winsford Town Park – PlayBox currently unavailable due to the toys being removed without permission

Winsford Wharton Rec

Northwich Verdin Park

Lache Community Centre

So Everyone can Play Together