What is this course?

Emergency first aid can save someone’s life so it is vitally important we train our staff and volunteers appropriately to be able to react efficiently and confidently to emergencies. The course will allow you to respond safely and appropriately to an emergency situation.

What will the course cover?

The three-hour course will cover:

  • The role of the first aider
  • Reporting incidents and accidents
  • Reacting safely to those who are unconscious/ or in a seizure
  • Learn how to administer CPR
  • Reacting safely to those who are bleeding/choking/soft tissue injuries/bone injuries/minor injuries

Who is this course for?

This course is primarily designed for sports coaches.

You will receive a certificate on completion of this course to allow them to practice for three years.

Active Cheshire facilitates first aid courses in Cheshire West, Cheshire East and Warrington, with the course being delivered by ELM Training Services. Please check with your National Governing Body (NGB) whether this course is recognised by them.

When can I book?

We haven’t got any Emergency First Aid Training workshops scheduled at the moment. To register your interest please contact us.

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