The Story

Sam is a cancer survivor who is using physical activity to give herself the best possible chance at life.

In 2015 Sam was diagnosed with Hodgkin’s Lymphoma, a cancer of the immune system. In the past two years, she’s been knocked down and bed-bound three times, first by five broken vertebra and pneumonia, obtained while in chemo, then by a slipped disk the following winter. That New Year, Sam required a wheelchair to get about. But that didn’t keep her down for long. Sam got herself back on her feet and moving, eventually walking 5km for a local cancer charity in mid-May!

“I did it by buying a treadmill for the garage, starting at 5 minutes walking, aiming to add an extra 1 minute a day. Some days I fell of the wagon, but I just kept getting back on it!”

Last month Sam needed 7-nights in hospital, getting her spleen removed from a new tumour. Thankfully, it was benign, and not a cancer relapse.

Because of Sam’s previous efforts, winning back her mobility and fitness, she was more able to move post-surgery than nurses expected!

The Solution

Sam now builds physically activity in where she can, for example making herself take the bus and walk 600 metres home, rather than taking a taxi.

The Result

She now says her challenge is to find fun, sociable, and affordable ways to keep active!

“I know my cancer or back problems may come back, and the chemo I had has a tendency to affect some patients’ hearts and lungs a while after treatment, so I may get knocked down again, but that gives me all the more reason to get active and give myself the best possible chance at life.”