Building physical activity into the design of homes, towns and major infrastructure to encourage movement and play.

The design and layout of where we live and work plays a vital role in keeping us healthy and active. Cheshire & Warrington is embarking on a major renaissance, with plans to double the economy, build 139,000 new homes and embed major new infrastructure, including HS2, by 2040.

We have a unique opportunity to influence the connectivity and design of the region, to facilitate active lifestyles. Since the 1960’s people have become less and less active in their daily lives, largely as a result of technological changes and an increase in sedentary activities. Increased urbanisation and the use of “passive” modes of transportation have been key contributors to insufficient physical activity.

Walking or cycling, instead of using motorised transport, can help reduce the associated costs of poor air quality, congestion and collisions in urban areas of England. Each of these issues costs society around £10 billion a year.


Place Pledge

  • A commitment from civic leaders to encourage physical activity within their community at Village, Town and Borough level

Introduction of Public realm prompts and improvements

  • Optimise Section 106 investment to fund active design/public realm improvements that inspire walking, movement and active play
  • Improving the environment to make walking/cycling routes more inviting

Adoption of active design

  • Secure the commitment of Local Authorities to work with Active Cheshire as a consultee for future planning developments
  • Exploit major physical regeneration as an opportunity to embed active corridors (HS2, new housing and business park developments etc)
  • Gain commitment from politicians, planners, landowners and developers to design physical activity into new and existing developments through planning policy

Development of physical activity zones

  • Pilot of 9 dedicated physical activity zones


Active Cheshire are changing lives in Cheshire and Warrington.  Your donation can help us to get more people active.

The result is a happier, healthier, more productive community that lives longer.  Help us to fund vital projects across the region, to tackle inactivity and embed physical activity into all aspects of everyday life.