The voluntary sector infrastructure

Youth Clubs

There are over 400 Youth Clubs in Cheshire and Warrington offering services to young people aged 14-25 years. Active Cheshire has a unique relationship with the Youth Federation who oversees these youth organisations.

Youth clubs offer a different environment for young people to engage with various different activities including sport. Youth clubs attract a wide range of individuals to their clubs, some of whom have never taken part in sport and physical activity. , taking sporting activity into the youth club environment enables more participants to access activity. The Youth Federation are really keen to develop a wide range of opportunities within the youth club environment and are working really closely with Active Cheshire to enable this to happen.

Community Centres

Community Centres are often the focal point of many communities who use their local centres as a meeting place and an environment to bring people together. With over 50 community centres in Cheshire and Warrington they are very much an under-utilised asset to community sport and physical activity.

Community Centres are one of the smallest community facilities able to house sport and physical activity. Activities usually delivered in these environments include; Martial arts, Zumba, Dance and Badminton. Due to the limited space available, community centres are often in high demand at peak times for other activities other than sport. The centres offer a great resource to the sport and physical activity industry as the centres are great at engaging the local community.

There are some really exciting development opportunities within community centres to offer a broader range of opportunities

Church Halls/Village Halls

These buildings usually sit at the heart of rural communities offering a valuable meeting place for those who are at risk of social isolation. Within Cheshire and Warrington we have over 90 church halls and Village halls There is significant value in working with such groups to enable all residents to take part in some form of activity. Church halls and Village halls often have a unique relationship with local residents and therefore they can consult and develop programme to suit the needs of the local population. There is an increasing threat of public funds being withdrawn and halls needing to find new ways of becoming self-sufficient. Offering a more varied and fuller programme could help with this and Active Cheshire is looking to support more and more Halls to achieve this.

​Sports Clubs

Sports Clubs sit at the heart of the local community offering Sport specific or multi-sport opportunities for a wide range of individuals. Sports clubs vary in their operation and provide varying levels of recreational, competitive and progressive frameworks for participation.

Within Cheshire and Warrington there are 976 clubs offering participation opportunities for residents. Nationally sports club membership is in decline and this is reflected locally. Whilst membership is in decline, there are still approximately 9.6 million people in England who are members of a sports club. The local figures show there has been a decline over the past 4 years but the figures for Cheshire and Warrington still sit higher than the North West and National average.

Please see below for some useful resources for clubs. More resources can also be found here:

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