Sarah Tilling

The voluntary sector covers a breadth of different organisations, including non-traditional deliverers of sport and physical activity such as church halls and faith groups, as well as traditional sports clubs. Our work in the sector is led by Sarah Tillling, pictured.

We work with any not-for-profit organisation who are looking to create or develop opportunities for more people to get more active. Importantly, the voluntary sector often sits at the heart of the local community, enabling even the hardest to reach to access activities and become an important part of society. Ranging from traditional sport specific clubs to youth clubs, community centres and village halls, the sector is powerful in providing services to the wider community.

Within Cheshire and Warrington there are over 4000 voluntary, community and faith sector organisations and the sector has grown significantly in Cheshire in the last 15 years, with over 38% of all voluntary organisations being formed in this period.

It is important to note that whist the voluntary sector appears to be in a position of strength in terms of volume of organisations, in relation to sport, it still appears to be in its infancy. It is our role to imbed sport and physical activities into the various organisations ensuring that we can encourage even the hardest to reach groups to stay active and be healthy.

To find out more contact Sarah Tilling at sarah.tilling@activecheshire.org