We define public sector facilities as those that are operated by, or on behalf of Local Authorities and other public bodies. The sector includes publicly-run or publicly-financed leisure facilities, including those out-sourced to new social vehicles (Trusts, CICs etc) such as Brio Leisure (Cheshire West) and LiveWire (Warrington).

It also includes outdoor facilities controlled and/or maintained by the sector, including parks, outdoor gyms, walking and cycle routes, rivers and canals.

Public sector infrastructure currently represents 19% of the utilised market.

The role of the Public Sector Strategic Lead is to:

1. Understand and support the range of public operators listed above. Our team will simultaneously

  • maintain a strong local insight into the market
  • connect in NGB and national products
  • develop solutions in response to local market needs

2. Engage with the public sector to

  • help them to understand the social, economic and environmental benefits of maintaining active communities
  • plan, develop and invest in the right programmes and facilities
  • work to together to tackle health, gender and wider inequalities in sport

Because the public sector are key strategic partners, CEO Anne Boyd is the primary point of contact. Please email or call 01606 330212