Mark Bamford

At Active Cheshire, we recognise and support the power and potential of the private sector in terms of getting more people, more active, more often.

We define private sector facilities as those that are operated commercially. The sector includes privately-run leisure facilities (single site and multisite) including gyms, health clubs and facility hire, private golf courses, corporate-owned facilities (workplaces) and those located within hotels. We also work with mobile operators who deliver activities commercially within a variety of settings, such as personal trainers and bootcamp providers.

Private sector infrastructure currently represents 57% of the utilised market and our work within the sector is as follows:

1. Understand and support the range of private operators listed above. Our team will simultaneously

  • maintain a strong local insight into the market
  • connect in NGB and national products
  • develop solutions in response to local market needs

2. Engage with the private sector per se to encourage them to

  • maintain an active workforce
  • compete against other corporates
  • introduce coaching and volunteering schemes for staff

Mark Bamford, pictured, is Strategic Lead for the Private Sector.To find out more contact him on 01606 330212 or email