Premium case study: Wilmslow Grange Community Primary School, August 2014

At Wilmslow Grange Community Primary School, we recognise the contribution of P.E. to the health and well-being of our children. We believe that an innovative, varied P.E. curriculum and extra-curricular opportunities have a positive influence on the concentration, attitude and academic achievement of all our children. Our Primary School Sport’s Funding will enable us to continue and extend our provision through working with coaches and specialist staff, providing P.E. and leadership development opportunities for our P.E. leader, entering more competitive sports competitions and training our staff to deliver in-house quality PE sessions.


The headteacher and S.L.T. (Senior Leadership Team) will regularly and rigorously monitor, evaluate and review the strategies we have put into place for Sport Premium and report to the governing body on its progress and impact.

Strategy for using the funding:

The P.E. leader has looked carefully at the needs of our school, and spending of the sport premium has been allocated to ensure that the objectives above are met. During 2013-14, we used the additional funds for the following:

  • membership of the local School Sports’ Partnership (which has enabled us to access specialist training and support from the local high school sports’ college);
  • contribution towards the cost of the local sports’ partnership competition events (all cluster and area partnership competitions);
  • release time for the P.E. leader to work with the Primary Link Teacher from the high school to undertake planning of a new curriculum (schemes of work and coaching plans for each sport) and to work with the Bronze Ambassadors organising the intra sports competitions;
  • release for the P.E. leader and some other staff to attend training (Physical Literacy, levelling and assessing P.E.);
  • whole staff training on delivering high quality dance units (Top Dance Training);
  • specialist teachers to model lessons and team teach with staff for their own coaching development;
  • new school house coloured P.E. T-shirts for all pupils to facilitate intra school competition;
  • transport to P.E. competitions and events;
  • specialist training for children for sports’ competitions;
  • replenishing stock for P.E. equipment for key sports and also play time activity kits;
  • P.E. kits for staff for sporting events.

A summary of evidence from the evaluation of the impact of the funding

The level of intra school sport competition has increased significantly this academic year. Year 1/2 have taken part in Little Champions and are to take part in the Commonwealth Games and Sports Day during the Summer Term as well as a gymnastics competition. Year 3/4 have completed a Football and Tag Rugby intra competition and will take part in the Commonwealth Games and Sports Day during the Summer Term. Year 5/6 have taken part in Football, Tag Rugby, Basketball and Dodgeball intra competitions and will take part in the Commonwealth Games and Sports Day during the Summer Term.

The school has taken part in more inter school competitions than ever before. So far, we have taken part in two basketball competitions, one netball competition, a golf tournament, netball cluster matches, a tag rugby competition, multi-skills competition, little champions festival, numerous football matches and one tournament. We have had improving success in the competitions this year: we won Little Champions, came third in the basketball competition, won two football matches.

The school has provided opportunities for enjoyable sports for under-active/reluctant children, including a Dance to Rio course, which concluded with these pupils performing at a large opening ceremony in Chester.

The Physical Literacy training attended by two staff has transformed the P.E. curriculum for Years 1 and 2, which now focuses on pupils physical literacy skills development.

Our Key Stage 2 staff have reported an increased in confidence in teaching games lessons, due to the implementation of our new schemes or work, which the local high school supported us in writing and staff members team taught with specialist teachers. Staff have also improved their own P.E. teaching skills by observing specialist coaches for Tri-golf and rugby coaches from Sale Sharks.

The range of extra-curriculum clubs on offer has increased (three sports clubs in Autumn 2012 to six in Autumn 2013).

Parental comments support our belief of the improvement of P.E. provision at Wilmslow Grange.
Pupil data progress will be reported upon at end of Summer 2014.