The Primary Sport Premium

The Primary Sport Premium funding implemented in September 2013 gave primary schools the freedom, for the first time, to invest in PE and school sport based on the need and demand of the school and the local community.

Active Cheshire provides support, advice, and guidance with regards to the funding to all primary schools within the sub-region.

This ring-fenced funding should be spent in ways which ensure the biggest impact and sustainability, for example to:

  • Hire specialist PE teachers or qualified sports coaches to work alongside teachers
  • Develop new or additional Change4Life sport clubs
  • Pay for professional development opportunities in PE and sport, providing cover to release primary teachers for professional development in PE and sport
  • Organise sport competitions or increase participation in the school games
  • Buy quality assured professional development modules or materials for PE and sport and / or subsidise places for pupils on after school sport clubs and holiday clubs

However, this funding carries with it stringent requirements (linked to Ofsted Inspection), and should be invested to achieve whole school impact over the long term. The funding provides an opportunity to demonstrate impact and sustainability, making the case for continued investment.


Schools will be held to account for how they spend this funding. Ofsted will strengthen its coverage of sport and PE within the Inspectors’ Handbook and supporting guidance, so that schools and inspectors know how PE and sport will be assessed in future as part of the school’s overall provision offered.

Schools will be required to include details about their sporting provision on their school website, alongside their curriculum details, so parents can compare sports provision between schools, both within and beyond the school day.

For general information on this funding, please click here

With the aim of ensuring primary schools in Cheshire and Warrington have access to the most appropriate information and resources to ensure the most effective use of the Primary Sport Premium (for the individual school and its pupils), Active Cheshire provides a free, one hour consultation to provide feedback to primary schools that will enable them to make the most of the school investment. For more information please contact Nont Iamkamphaeng at