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On Friday 6th October 2017 Active Cheshire hosted Part Of The MOVEment 2 at Cranage Hall, Holmes Chapel, Cheshire.

The event brought the support of 300 stakeholders together to hear the progress that’s been made since Part Of The MOVEment in 2016 when sub-regional stakeholders mandated us to create a Physical Activity Task Force to explore how we might address levels of inactivity locally, thus improving health, wellbeing and prosperity.

Guest speakers included:

  • Mr Mike Diaper, OBE, Director of Community Sport at Sport England
  • Mr David Briggs, MBE, KStJ, Her Majesty’s Lord-Lieutenant of Cheshire
  • Mr Paul Hancock, Chairman of Active Cheshire
  • Mr Mike Dix, Vice Chair of the Physical Activity Taskforce
  • Sir Philip Craven MBE, President of the International Paralympic Committee (via Video)
  • Ms Anne Boyd, CEO, Active Cheshire

You can view the slides from the keynote speakers below or download the PDF version at the bottom of this page.

One year on from Part Of The MOVEment we have defined a Blueprint that will embed physical activity into all aspects of everyday life, launched at the conference delegates had the opportunity to attend one of the workshops focusing on the 5 pillars of the Blueprint (click on the links to view the workshop presentations):

  • Active Kids - starting life well with daily active habits at home and in school
  • Active Design - building physical activity into the design of homes, towns and major infrastructure to encourage movement and play
  • Active Workplace - increasing the health and productivity of employees
  • Activators - educating and empowering community leaders, allied health professionals and front line community workers to promote active lifestyles consistently through ONE YOU
  • Active Minds - improving the mental health and quality of life to prevent and alleviate mental illness through physical activity

We have now entered a consultation period and we’re asking for feedback on the Blueprint. We’d welcome your thoughts and feedback to help make the Blueprint as comprehensive as possible.

Please do download the document from the link below, and send any comments to by the newly extended date of 15th December 2017.

You can also view videos from the event below where you can see the support the Blueprint is receiving from key partners.

Join us and become PartOfTheMOVEment!

Part Of The MOVEment 2: I’m In!

Chess ICT: Supporting the Blueprint

A Message from Active Cheshire Patron, Sir Philip Craven

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