Statement from Alex Staniforth following the Nepalese Earthquake

Following the recent tragic events in Nepal, we have received a statement from Alex regarding his experience. 

"I was in the icefall when the ground shook; the same force that released huge avalanches full of rock and ice, largely from Pumori. I couldn't run due to huge crevasses surrounding me. I was blinded, thrown to my knees and suffocated by what felt like a snow cannon. I thought this was it - I was going to be buried.

Eventually it subsided and I found my way to Camp 1 where many other teams were already located. My team are now safely back at Base Camp after being evacuated from Camp 1 once conditions were deemed safe; the icefall was impassable due to the avalanche. Tragically 3 of our Nepali staff were killed at base camp and I am hugely saddened by their loss. They are very much in my thoughts and I am very lucky to be alive. 

I will be staying to help with the clean-up at Base Camp, as some gear has been scattered literally 300 metres across the glacier by the huge force.”

Alex Staniforth

Alex wanted to make clear that this is no longer about his dreams, sponsors or any corporate images that needed to be upheld - it's about the people. It's about the ones who have fallen, the ones who are injured and the families who now face an enduring battle to overcome an irreparable void after being dealt the cruellest of hands.

His message is clear - Do whatever you can to help these people. If you can donate, please do and if you can't, please help get the message out to others who can.

We can't fix what nature has ruthlessly thrown at Nepal two years in a row, but we can certainly aid in its recovery. Donate to the Himalayan Trust at

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