New governance code for sport is released by Sport England

New Governance code for Sport- In summary

Sport England have released new guidelines around governance for groups looking to access money from them in a bid to create a safer, more robust and transparent system for organisations receiving public funds.  If your group is considering applying to Sport England for funds, you need to be sure that you meet the minimum standards before applying for investment.

Tier 1 represents the minimum level of mandatory governance requirements in this Code. The Requirements in this Tier seek to ensure the protection of public funding through good governance processes, whilst not creating a disproportionate administrative burden.

All organisations seeking funding will need to meet at least the basic governance requirements of Tier 1. Sport England and UK Sport will generally categorise an investment as Tier 1 if:

• it is granted on a one-off basis (for example, for a specific project which has a finite life); and

• the total amount of funding is less than or equal to £250k.

It’s expected that the majority of small grants awarded by Sport England will be in Tier 1

Tier 1 Mandatory Requirements

1. The organisation is properly constituted, has a clear purpose and, if membership based, is inclusive and accessible.

2. The governing committee meets regularly and decision making is recorded.

3. Conflicts of interest are recognised, managed by the chair and recorded. At least three of the people on the committee are unrelated or not cohabiting.

4. In deciding who sits on its governing committee the organisation considers the skills and diversity required of its committee members.

5. Committee members are subject to regular election and ideally should serve no more than nine years.

6. The organisation has a bank account and two independent signatories are required for payments.

7. Annual accounts are prepared, scrutinised independently of the person responsible for finance (e.g. treasurer) and are made available to members to describe how money has been spent.

More information can be found by clicking here and reading the whole document

Should you require any support in bringing your governance in line with this code, Active Cheshire can help you to develop your practices.  Please contact Active Cheshire on 01606 330 212

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