New Boxing report shows how sport can be used to tackle wider societal issues

This is the final report of the All Party Group on Boxing. It looks at the positive social impact of boxing from those involved and translates it to evidence. The report details how the evidence should be embedded in policy-making in the fields of improving educational attainment, improving health inequalities, preventing social disengagement and rehabilitating those in the criminal justice system.  

The report makes various recommendations and some of the key ones are:

  • Reducing Re-offending:

A pilot non-contact boxing programme should be trialled for violent offenders in prison who would benefit most.

  • Getting the Data:

England Boxing should prioritise helping clubs gather data on boxing’s effectiveness as a social intervention.

  • Paying the Bills:

England Boxing and other sports bodies should help clubs access funding, and create a ‘simplicity kite mark’ for funding applications.

  • Sport at the Centre of Government:

Government departments should work together to assess the impact of all their policies on sport and physical activity.


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