Macclesfield Girls Can

Macclesfield Girls Can group in #PartOfTheMOVEment campaign selfie

Based on the hugely successful 'This Girl Can' campaign, Macclesfield Girls Can is a local initiative aimed at inactive girls between the ages of 14-18. 

The programme was designed around non-traditional activities as many of the girls weren't engaging in sport and many would avoid school P.E whenver they could. Introducing less competitive activities and focusing more on having fun really got the girls engaged in the programme. As a result, their was noticeable improvements in their fitness, self-esteem and confidence.

It also helped create a new network of friends for the participants, helping to combat any potential mental health issues faced by the group, such as anxiety and depression. Though it was only a 12-week programme, instructors and observers noted some remarkable changes. One participant claimed "it made me feel like I belong somewhere" - a really touching message that highlights how important these programmes are and the effect that they can have on people.

The girls took the pledge to be #PartOfTheMOVEment as a result of the project, so we're looking forward to seeing how they get active and how many of their friends and family they can encourage!

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