Keele University hosts NCS event with Active Cheshire’s inflatables

On Tuesday evening, Active Cheshire attended an event at Keele University organised by the National Citizen Service (NCS) and Youth Federation. We took along three of our inflatable games; Pillow Wars, Twister and the Spacehopper Racetrack to show everyone participating that getting active can be small, fun activities that anyone can take part in. It doesn't need to be organised, intense or traditional 'sporting' activities. We know that there's a lot of people out there who don't find exercise fun, so our idea is to take something fun and get people to participate - it may only be a small step towards being more physically active, but sometimes those small steps are the ones that make the difference. The idea of participating in a fun activity that just happens to get you active is significantly more appealing than a fitness activity that may be fun.

This was shown at the NCS event by non-stop use of our inflatable games! In fact, we couldn't give them enough time to enjoy themselves as there was two groups sharing the time we had there and a constant queue for all the games.

Great fun was had by all though and everyone who participated left with a smile!

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