How safe are our children? NSPCC 2015 report

The NSPCC has today published its third report, How safe are our children? The report provides an overview of the child protection landscape and compiles the most robust and up-to-date child protection data that exists across each of the four nations in the UK, across 20 indicators.

This research can help to better understand the issues that children ensuring that the correct processes are in place to support them and to reduce the amount of incidents each year. At present there are over 50,000 children in the UK identified as needing protection from abuse. In our enviornment of sport and physical activity we are in a position to look out for signs of abuse and ensure that children are getting the care and attention they need. To read the report in full detail please visit the NSPCC website at

Would you know what to do if a child in your care identified that they were suffering from abuse, or if you suspected them of being neglected? 

There are many people who can help in this situation, in Cheshire West, Cheshire East and Warrington we have teams of excellent care workers who can offer advice and next steps if you have concerns.


Please remember if you believe a child to be in an emergency situation you must call the police on 999. For non emergency situations the police can offer advice by calling 101.

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