Do you know a Safeguarding Star?

Sport and physical activity can be a wonderful environment for both children and adults to learn new skills and develop new relationships. It can also be a highly competitive environment and cause distress or discomfort to individuals involved. Do you know what to do to support children or adults who may be vulnerable or at risk? How can we work to ensure that all individuals enjoy the experience of participating in sporting activities and that everybody has an equal opportunity to get involved and have a wonderful time? For further information on how to support individuals during your sessions please visit the Child Protection in Sport Unit webpage at

There are many inspirational coaches and programme leaders who are already working hard to ensure that everybody they support in their sport or activity have the best possible time. These individuals go above and beyond to ensure that participants feel safe and comfortable in the environment and that they can trust the people who are looking after them. Do you know someone who has gone above and beyond and deserves recogntion?

The Child Protection in Sport Unit (CPSU) have launched their third Safeguarding Stars award to recognise the support and efforts these individuals have put in. 

The CPSU would particularly like to hear about the achievements of individuals at a club, facility or activity level who have helped to include and safeguard young people who may, for example, be disabled, LGBT, elite young athletes, at risk of social exclusion, or part of other vulnerable groups. 

All nominees will receive an acknowledgment from the CPSU. As in previous years, a panel of young sports people will review the nominations and select the six nominees who they believe have made outstanding contributions to inclusion and safeguarding in their club, organisation or sport.

These nominees will be invited to attend the CPSU Lead Officers' event Safeguarding children – celebrating difference on 14 October 2015, which will include a Safeguarding Stars presentation.

For further information or to submit your nomination please go to

You will also find a copy of the application form at the bottom of this article.

Good Luck to all your nominations!

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Application form Please use this application form to submit your Application form for the CPSU Safeguarding Star 2015