Day Services in Cheshire East Get active

A project funded by Active Cheshire and Sport England’s Inclusive Sports Fund has enabled a group of day care service users to access and take part in fun multi-sport activities.

Approximately 150 individuals all with an impairment have been engaged in a 3-month long programme of Multi sports activities at various venues within Cheshire East. The project has been made possible through a strong working relationship between the deliverer Everybody Sport and Recreation and Active Cheshire, utilising the funding from Sport England’s inclusive Sports Fund. Active Cheshire identified Everybody Sport and Recreation as a key partner in the delivery of the Count Me In Strategy and making sport and physical activity more accessible to those with impairments.

Everybody Sport and Recreation have shared their knowledge, skills and experience with the centre staff and have created a resource to leave at the centre to aid the continuation of the sessions. One staff member commented that “The activities and sessions have helped staff to think outside the box and adapt the activities. During the activities individuals demonstrated high levels of handeye coordination which they don't normally show in everyday activities. We’ve also been surprised by the skill levels and competitiveness - a side not normally seen”

Sarah Tilling, Strategic Lead – Voluntary Sector, with Active Cheshire “This has been such a worthwhile initiative and it’s so great to see what a difference getting active has made to these individuals. We are delighted to have supported Everybody Sport and Recreation. Speaking with a staff member at one of the sessions, really cemented the value and worth of small interventions which can have hugely beneficial results. The centre staff now feel confident in continuing the delivery to the individuals and will ensure the participation continues. Everybody sport and recreation have been fundamental in the programme’s success and the mentoring has been invaluable to all the staff at the centres”

Andy Molyneux, Everybody Sport and Recreation said, We started out with this project to not only deliver activity sessions for the day service users as well providing some informal training for staff to enable them to deliver their own activities. When we’ve been delivering these activities over the past few months it’s been great to see people getting involved in the sessions so enthusiastically and enjoying themselves with all the different activities. It’s been great to hear positive feedback of how people have been doing things that staff had never seen before.

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