Cheshire Girls Can Changes Lives

It has been said that physical activity can change lives, now Active Cheshire has the evidence to prove it. 

The Cheshire Girls Can programme was designed by Active Cheshire to influence sustainable behavioural change by providing the opportunities for women and girls to change their lives through physical activity and healthy eating. The programme was about creating, embedding and maintaining positive behaviroual changes towards healthy living. The programme targeted inactive mums from deprived backgrounds - one of the hardest groups to engage.

The programme was funded by Active Cheshire reserves and run for 9 months, spanning 36 sessions and 54 hours of interventions and it had major health impacts.

The most important outcomes evidenced were the positive changes in behaviour and attitude of the group towards embedding and maintaining active lifestyles and healthy eating habits. An increase in fitness and weight loss have been achieved. Impacts on social and mental well-being have also been reported on. Furthermore, by targeting mums, the impacts have also been filtered through to their families. Hannah, one of the participants, said: “I’ve changed my diet which also benefited my families. My kids now get involved in exercising as well. They put me to shame. They’re doing more sit-ups than me!”

Key to the success of the programme was the use of a trusted community influencer to promote the programme and engage with the girls and women in their networks, and Active Cheshire have teamed up with local hairdressers, Guys N Dollz to introduce the programme.

Using the Sportworks tool by Sported to evaluate the social return on investment, Cheshire Girls Can generated a potential cost saving to society of £636,654 on an invstment of just £4,488.

A full evaluation report can be downloaded using the link below.

Sport England's This Girl Can campaign celebrates its first anniversary on 12th January 2016 and the campaign is changing behaviour a year on from its launch, says Sport England. 

Independent research says 2.8 million women aged 14 to 40 who recognise the campaign say they have done some or more activity as a result.

And 1.6 million of those women say they have started exercising.

The snapshot survey asked a sample of 1,000 women in November 2015 about the physical activity they did and their awareness of the campaign.

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