Cheshire can still get more active, more often

The picture of sport & physical activity across Cheshire and Warrington is varied but generally in decline according the the latest Active People Survey results from Sport England (APS9). Whilst Cheshire West & Chester have a higher than average rating of 39.6% and have ascended the league table, figures for the remainder of the sub-region are sobering. Warrington suffered a drop with only Warrington 35.2% of its residents getting regularly active, -4.6% in the last 6 months. Cheshire East have managed to increase the levels of activity across the borough by 0.8% however this was behind the national trend and has resulted in a drop down the rankings as 35.4% of residents take part in regular activity.  Further, the overall picture shows the average number of people taking regular exercise across the area has fallen by around 3% in the last two years from 40.6% to 37.8%.  It’s obvious that there is a lot of work to be done to change attitudes and instill the habits and benefits of regular physical activity within our communities.

Anne Boyd, CEO of Active Cheshire added: “These are worrying figures and it’s more important than ever now to work with Cheshire and Warrington partners to pull together and get more people engaged in regular physical activity more often.”

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