Big plans for Alex Staniforth after his return from Everest

Alex Staniforth visited Active Cheshire last week following his secont attempt on Everest which was cut short by the devastating Nepal earthquake earlier this month. He commented, “It’s a shattering experience to have both of my Everest attempts fall short in two consecutive years.  I don’t believe I've given up on my dream, merely changed direction.  Everest is an arduous process; you have to be fully committed and at this stage I don’t feel I have enough of the drive left for an attempt next year and encourage people to support my charities, the Nepalese Sherpa’s and the people of Nepal during this most difficult time, though donations and support of my new challenges."  Alex is keen to share his Just Giving link so people can continue to give what they can to support his causes

Alex also shared with us his plans for his next round of adventures.  In a few weeks he'll be climbing a virtual Mount Everest…on his bike.  He plans to scale the height of Everest by repeatedly cycling up high mountain passes in the UK to gain the eventual height of 29,035ft which means Alex will have to cycle 135 miles.. all on his birthday!  He's also putting the final touches to his book “Icefall”.  Due out in December, this book tells the full personal story of Alex’s Everest experiences and his continuing drive to make a difference.

Other challenges ahead include climbing Mount Aconcagua in Chile.  Standing 22,841ft (6,962m) this mountain is only 6,188ft lower than the Everest summit, but offers its own unique challenges and Alex is determined to get to the top so he can continue the fundraising and conquer adversity.  Later this year, he is planning on gaining his para-gliding licence and will then set out to complete the three peaks challenge, but with a twist.. He plans to para-glide off each of the peaks!

There is also talk of a world record attempt in the future and Alex will share more as the plans drop in to place, for now though, “The most important thing is simply to keep getting back up and inspire others in the process, thank you to all my supporters and hope that you can all support my efforts in the future”.

At the moment, Alex has no further plans for Everest, but for now he wants to focus on other ways of raising funds and awareness for his charitable causes.

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