Active Cheshire welcomes new government sports strategy

The government’s new strategy, Sporting Future: A New Strategy for an Active Nation is launched, outlining plans for getting more people involved in sport and physical activity.  

Back in September, Active Cheshire led a consultation session for partners, stakeholders and interested parties from clubs, societies etc., from across Cheshire and Warrington, resulting in a powerful response to the draft sports strategy, on behalf of more than 2,000 contributors.

Over the past three years Active Cheshire, led by Chief Executive Anne Boyd, has moved towards a whole market approach in its commissioning of sport and physical activity, targeting the inactive.  We invest in projects and programmes from cradle to grave, so it’s welcome news that the new strategy has outlined the need to target under 5s in order to embed positive habits at an earlier age, and the older generation to become more physically active and therefore less dependent on public services.   

For a long time we have been advocating the benefits of physical activity on the health and wellbeing of individuals, placing us in an extremely strong position to lead on the response to government, and it’s encouraging to see that the five fundamental outcomes as outlined by Tracey Crouch MP, Minister for Sport, Tourism and Heritage reinforce our strategy.

Anne Boyd said “ we are really grateful to those who took part in the consultation, which sparked debate and discussion, and was an amazing opportunity for the subregion to pool ideas and comment collectively on the changes needed within the realms of sport and physical activity.  

We welcome the new strategy and believe that Cheshire and Warrington are well placed to deliver the best in sport and physical activity across the subregion, making a huge difference to the lives of our citizens.”

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