As an independent charity in receipt of public investment we are governed and managed robustly as you would rightly expect. But we see this as a positive thing – after all good governance can only lead to improvement and providing a better service.

You only need to look at the recently published new code for sports governance to understand the importance of good governance.

Active Cheshire Governance Documents (please click on the link below each title).

Organisation Structure (September 2018): 

Active Cheshire Organisation Structure 2018

Blueprint Strategy: 

Blueprint Strategy

Active Cheshire AGM and Board Meeting Minutes 2017: 

Active Cheshire AGM 22nd September 2017 (Draft minutes)

Active Cheshire Board Meeting 25th April 2017 (minutes)

Active Cheshire Board Meeting 6th July 2017 (minutes)

Active Cheshire Board Meeting 22nd September 2017 (minutes)

Active Cheshire Equality & Diversity: 

Equality & Diversity Policy

Equality & Diversity Action Plan

Active Cheshire Governance Manual December 2017:

Governance Manual

(Active Cheshire Governance Manual Appendices Documents, available upon request).

Staff Register of Interests:

Staff Register of Interests

Trustee Register of Interests:

Trustee Register of Interests

Trustees Report and Annual Accounts 2016-2017: 

Trustees Report and Annual Accounts 2016-17

Memorandum and Articles of Association:

Memorandum and Articles of Association

For information on Safeguarding in Sport click here

Active Cheshire has adopted a target of a minimum of 30% of each gender on our board. We fully commit to progressing towards achieving gender parity and greater diversity on our Board, including, but not limited to, Black, Asian, minority ethnic (BAME) diversity and disability.


Revised documents awaiting formal approval

At Active Cheshire we continue to seek ways in which to improve our Governance arrangements.  The documents below reflect further enhancements that will be discussed and ratified at our Governance Subgroup meeting on 24 May 2018.

Whilst not yet formally approved we hope that they reflect our ambition for continued improvement and transparency.

  1. Amended draft of our Governance manual*
  2. Item 2.1 evidence (Equality & Diversity Policy)*
  3. Item 2.3 evidence (Equality & Diversity Action Plan)*
  4. Item 2.7 evidence (Continuity and Succession Plan 2018)*
  5. Item 2.13 evidence (Employee and Trustee Remuneration Policy)*
  6. Item 5.8 evidence (Internal Risk & Controls)*

*subject to ratification by Governance subgroup 24 May 2018