About the Course

Our physical activity habits have changed, and physical inactivity is now the fourth leading risk factor for all-cause mortality in the world. The Activators workshops are designed to educate around the power of physical activity, enabling anyone to become physical activity-aware. Physical activity has the power to alleviate and prevent a wide variety of health concerns and promote positive benefits to our health and well-being individually and as a collective.

This course focuses specifically on physical activity in people receiving care, giving you the knowledge and skills to help health and social care professionals embed physical activity into all aspects of their care.

Why be a Health and Social Care Activator?

People within primary and secondary care are on the frontline of defence when it comes to improving the health of the nation. The benefits for anyone to increase physical activity is well documented, however for people with long-term health conditions, the benefits become even more pronounced – yet often feel like physical activity isn’t for them due to their condition.

In their Living Longer, Living Well report, the Richmond Group of charities suggested that meeting recommended physical activity guidelines would give the equivalent of 1.12m people in the UK an extra year of healthy, disability-free life!

Health and Social Care Activators are the people who drive and deliver solutions for the cared for person to be more physically active, ranging from general practice doctors to social care workers, social prescribers, and health and wellbeing coordinators.

What does the workshop cover?

This course uses the latest physical activity and behavioural change research and knowledge to make you an activator who:

  • Better understands physical activity and inactivity – what do we actually mean by ‘being active’?
  • Recognises the inactivity problem and how it got to where we are
  • Better understands human behaviours, how they can be changed, and how to apply it to your patients or cared-for people
  • Understands how to Make Every Contact Count with regards to physical activity
  • Gains practical ideas to take back to your patients or cared-for persons
  • Gets access to a network of likeminded activators to share ideas, concerns, and provides support

You will receive a certificate on completion of the course and come away with a personal action plan. You will also gain access to the online Activator network to continue your community of practice, share ideas, and receive or provide support to other Activators in Cheshire and Warrington.

There are currently no upcoming Health & Social Care Activator Workshop dates confirmed.  Please keep checking back here for further information, or register to receive updates about our workshops here

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*Lunch and refreshments will be provided.