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New investment for 2016!

Application deadline 5.00pm, Thursday 31 March 2016

In 2015, we invested over £500,000 into Cheshire and Warrington, to help us achieve our mission of getting 50,000 more people, more active, more often by 2017.

We’re now inviting applications for investment seeking to:

  • get young people active in a way and place that suits them
  • provide opportunities for young people aged 14+ to get active outside curriculum time
  • address inequalities of age, gender, disability, ethnicity or faith
  • develop a healthy and active workforce
  • to engage older people in physical activity

Applications must:

  • encourage inactive individuals to be more active on a regular basis
  • be for an amount of £500+
  • demonstrate sustainability beyond the life of investment
  • be able to collect participant data at project close
  • engage the target group at least weekly for a minimum of 12 weeks

Increased flexibility will be given to those applications which evidence the outcomes outlined in the new Department for Culture, Media and Sport’s Sporting Future: A New Strategy for an Active Nation. These include: Physical Health, Mental Wellbeing, Individual Development, Social/Community Development and Economic Development.

Application Limitations

The project detailed within an application cannot:

  • have previously been funded by Active Cheshire (e.g continuation funding)
  • already be subsidised by a third party (i.e double funding)
  • be an existing provision (e.g already started), unless targeting a new audience
  • be delivered within curriculum time
  • target those who are already active
  • exceed £10,000 (for projects exceeding £10,000 please contact Active Cheshire 01606 330 212)

Application Criteria


Applicants must be able to provide evidence of;

  1. being a registered company or constituted group/organisation
  2. an associated bank account with two unrelated signatories
  3. minimum levels of insurance (as set out in pre-application check list)
  4. live Safeguarding Children and Vulnerable Adults policies*
  5. completed risk assessment checks for the proposed activity/site


    Applicants must be able to provide evidence/examples of ;
    1. proven track record of delivery (or be able to provide relevant references)
    2. commencing delivery within the same financial year as the investment award
    3. planned delivery of the entire project within the Cheshire and Warrington boundary
    4. delivery being made available to the wider community (Connecting Education & Community)
    5. engaging the target group at least weekly, for a minimum of 12 weeks.
    6. adhering to additional specific criteria as detailed in the investment themes

Quality Criteria:

Applicants must be able to evidence the strength and depth within any application and demonstrate;

  1. need and demand for the proposed activity through insight (e.g local consultation with target market)
  2. the use of any specific insight packs reference within the investment themes (eg. Sport England Youth Insights Pack, Active Cheshire Count Me In Strategy, Active Warrington Strategy, and any other local strategies)
  3. sustainability of the provision beyond the investment period
  4. how the project addresses any inequalities identified (e.g. age, gender, disability, ethnicity or faith)
  5. demonstrate how it encourages high quality opportunities in safe non-traditional environments*
  6. how the project aims to increase the number of participants taking part in regular activity. (e.g 0 x 30 mins to 1 x 30 mins per week of moderate intensity activity)

*Activity taking place in ‘traditional’ environments such as leisure centres and traditional club environments must demonstrate clearly a dedicated and informed approach to engaging (and sustaining the interest of) inactive people.

Note: ALL investment will be contractually binding and will be paid on receipt of evidence of agreed outcomes (as per Active Cheshire terms and conditions). Active Cheshire is willing to consider upfront payment of up to 50%. Please contact us to discuss alternative payment terms. Projects may be required to adhere to additional criteria/provide further information as defined by Active Cheshire based on a specific application (e.g. match-funding secured and partner contributions cash or in-kind)

Applications that do not clearly demonstrate they satisfy all criteria, or which do not provide the required level of detail or supporting documentation, will not be considered, and will not be progressed to the Local Investment Panel.

The Challenge

Some 60.9% of local residents are reported as being inactive. In the past 12 months regular participation in physical activity (at least once a week) and sport has increased by 1.5% within the sub-region. This compares to a 1.0% decrease across the North West, and a 0.3% decrease Nationally, in the same time period.

Cheshire East Cheshire West & Chester Warrington
APS 8 (2013/14) 34.4% APS 9 (2014/15) 37% APS 8 (2013/14) 39.6% APS 9 (2014/15) 43.2% APS 8 (2013/14) 40% APS 9 (2014/15) 36.1%
+2.6% +3.6% -3.9%

APS = Active People Survey, data sources available here:

A lack of physical activity has been proven to have a negative impact on the confidence, mental health and physical wellbeing of individuals, families and communities. Those most at risk of developing health issues are people unable to sustain a habit of 30 minutes moderate intensity activity every week. This ‘hardest to reach’, inactive/semi-active cohort often don’t have the confidence, kit or skill to engage in traditional, structured activity locally.

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